# Pneumatic Actuators
   >> Desgin & Construction
   >> Parts and Material
   >> Operating Principle
   >> Double Acting Torque
   >> Spring Return Torque
   >> Actuator Dimension
   >> Air Consumption
   >> special strokes actuator
   >> Sizing information
and How to Order

 # Accessories
 >> Valve Positioners
 >> Limit Switch Box
 >> Product Integrity

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>> Actuator Dimension
Connection dimensions of the top conform to standard VDI/VDE3845 NAMURconvenient to install limit switch and localizer.

Connection dimensions of the side conform to standard VDI/VDE 3845 NAMURfit for installing solenoid valve.
Connection dimensions of the bottom conform to standards 1S05211 and DIN3337 and can connect with valve directly.
Star and enient to rectangular holes are conv-connect with valves directly.